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Feel free to explore this new website. You may now follow Liz Masterson's Calendar and Upcoming Shows, as well as the Liz Masterson Blog.

This new Western Serenade web site is the 'sister' site to
Western Serenade is a collection of the music of Liz Masterson and Sean Blackburn, Duane Dickinson, and many links to information and resources on various performers, web sites, Cowboy Poetry resources, festivals and music camps, and much more. Thanks for Visiting!

For More Information Contact:

Liz Masterson

P.O. Box 12699,
Denver, CO

Purchase Liz Masterson's latest CD
Roads To Colorado

$16.00 + S&HPayment forms Accepted
"Roads to Colorado"
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Liz Masterson - Western Serenade
Liz Masterson Western Serenade
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